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Livability. Sustainability. Accessibility.

Kirkland is a beautiful jewel of a city with fantastic parks, great amenities, and wonderful engaged communities. As your city council member, I commit to making sure our city remains a wonderful place to live, grows in ways that work for everyone, and hangs on to the things we all love. Together we can create a diverse and welcoming place where parks, green spaces, services and amenities are accessible to everyone.

For almost 30 years, I have raised my family here, serving on the Park Board, the Housing Strategy Advisory Group, and the Kirkland City Council where I chair both our Legislative Work Group and our Parks Funding Exploratory Committee. 

My focus is on the future of our children. It’s their future being impacted by inequity, dwindling open spaces, climate change, and affordable housing shortages. Local leadership is important and this is a vital time in the growth of our city.

Here are some of the things I commit to as your Kirkland City Councilmember:

  • Close collaboration with neighbors locally and across the region.

  • Sustainable smart planning that manages Kirkland’s growth and livability.

  • Inclusivity in our community – making Kirkland a place where all belong.

  • Smart solutions to our affordable housing shortage.

  • Expansion of parks and natural spaces with access for everyone.

Thank you for your support! I will continue to work with you on behalf of our community, making sure that Kirkland works for everyone. — Kelli


Endorsements for Kelli




"Councilwoman Curtis has been a stalwart leader for us in Kirkland and across the region. As a Kirkland resident, I feel so fortunate that we have a leader who is a strong advocate for the environment while responsibly managing our city's growth. She will continue to fight for us and i'm proud to support her."


Sam Cho, Port of Seattle Commission President


“Our amazing town benefits from having Kelli on the City Council. She is a proven compassionate leader and creative problem solver who cares deeply about this city and the people who live here. I’m so proud to endorse her for re-election!”

Joan McBride, Former Kirkland Mayor and Former 48th District State Representative


Kelli has repeatedly demonstrated the highest leadership qualities - integrity, dedication and a strong work ethic that helped Kirkland through the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic. She is pragmatic and compassionate in her approach to addressing tough issues like affordable housing and homelessness. I am proud to work alongside her and to support her reelection efforts! 

Patty Kuderer, 48th District Washington State Senator


"We are so fortunate to have an amazing council member like Kelli Curtis in our region. Kelli brings a tireless passion for the people and future of Kirkland and has rapidly become a leader in building a healthy and prosperous future for our seniors, working adults and families and our children. Kelli understands that this means building affordable housing, addressing homelessness, supporting those with behavioral health needs, and addressing climate change -- and that to do any of these things, we need strong regional partnerships. She is clear-eyed about the issues and effectively works with neighboring cities throughout King County, as the Growth Management Planning Council Caucus Chair, to build understanding and collaboration. Her voice and her work ethic are exactly what is needed as we continue the vital work that will improve everyday lives now and for the future. I am so happy that she is willing to continue to serve and to enthusiastically endorse her for re-election." 

Claudia Balducci, King County Councilmember, former Bellevue Mayor


"Kelli Curtis is a force for good in Kirkland.  She listens to residents. She studies the issues. And she leads with pragmatism and effectiveness.  Kelli has been instrumental in expanding Kirkland's park and recreation programming. She is a champion for community safety and has worked alongside behavioral health experts to stand up the north county crisis care center.  She's a respected regional leader who breaks down barriers to get things done for Kirkland.  I strongly endorse her re-election to the City Council" 

Rod Dembowski, King County Councilmember


“Kelli has proven that she is an innovative leader and community builder who champions fresh, forward-thinking ideas that keep Kirkland a great place to live, work, and play. I’m excited to continue working with Kelli to address Kirkland priorities at a local and state level.” 

Vandana Slatter, 48th District Washington State Representative, former Bellevue City Councilmember


"We are so fortunate to have Kelli on our City Council. Her passion for affordable housing, parks, and sustainability make her the quintessential Kirklander, and her leadership to get things done is exactly what we need to make sure our city is the best that it can be. I am always confident that Kelli makes thoughtful, informed decisions, and her deep dedication to Kirkland shines through in everything she does. I am so proud to endorse Kelli for re-election to the Kirkland City Council."

Angela Rozmyn, Kirkland Planning Commission Chair 


"Kelli is a passionate, caring, deep thinking, and focused leader for the City of Kirkland. She not only makes the time to listen, but she follows through on bringing community voices to council discussions and community forums. She raises critical questions during council discussions that help make better decisions. As the council liaison for the Parks Funding and Exploratory Committee, she has ensured all voices are heard, been a champion of the process, and demonstrated excellent team work with city staff."

Susan Pappalardo, Splash Forward President & Co-Founder


“Kelli has the energy, experience, and vision that are essential to a council member. She is an effective leader for our community.”

Tom Neir, Former Kirkland City Councilmember


“Kelli is focused on the important issues for Kirkland. She’s thoughtful and responsive - and has proven herself to be an important community leader with a growing track record of accomplishments.”

Greg Gunther, Sustainability Ambassadors


“Kelli has worked tirelessly and transparently for all of Kirkland and its neighboring communities. I appreciate her work ethic and patience. It a pleasure and honor to endorse her.”

Mayor Katy Harris, Yarrow Point


“I endorse Kelli for re-election to the Kirkland City Council.  She listens to residents, who like me care about this city, and care about those of us who have lived here a long time and have watched it grow.  And in that growth, Kelli and other council members like here, have remembered this community must be Inclusive for all people.  We must be welcoming to all people and caring about the welfare of all our residents no matter their age or status.  We need Kelli and her honest, caring straight talking leadership in Kirkland.”

Jack Staudt, Kirkland Senior Council

 "The first thing that struck me about Kelli was her willingness to engage with community members and her excellent communication skills. Kelli has worked tirelessly for the people of Kirkland for the past eight years in her various community service roles, the last four on the City Council. She’s been a champion for developing solutions to our critical housing shortage -- from supporting Kirkland's 2020 Missing Middle Housing legislation to advocating for Permanent Supportive Housing. She fights for inclusiveness and equity, combining passion with collaboration. Kelli gets things done. She’s the kind of intelligent, forward-thinking leader we need in our quickly changing, challenging world."

Bev Marcus, Community Activist

"Kelli is a leader, a mentor, a friend, a community connector, and most importantly dedicated to empowering her community. Working with Kelli the past several years on various community projects has become an integral part of my personal development. Kelli has welcomed and encouraged my visions and passions of a united community."

Tasnim Rehamani, Community Leader


"Council member Kelli Curtis stands out as consistently bringing forth and advocating for environmental, climate and sustainability concerns in virtually all of the City's decisions. She takes her role as an elected representative very seriously and is readily available and responsive to the voice of the community. Kelli is a true champion in these areas and a critically important member of the City Council. A vote for Kelli is a vote for her continued outstanding leadership and contribution to Kirkland's exceptional and sustainable future."

Colleen Clement, Community Leader


"Kelli has looked out for the whole community of Kirkland. That's included making sure we have behavioral crisis care, affordable housing, and mental health professionals ready to respond to people in need."  

Rex Rempel, Director, Behavioral Healthcare, Lake Washington Institute of Technology


"I endorse Kelli for a variety of reasons but in particular, I value her unwavering commitment to protecting our tree canopy and enhancing our parks and recreation facilities. We need Kelli’s leadership in maintaining Kirkland’s quality of life as our community continues to grow."

Scott Morris, Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance President


"We are lucky to have Kelli representing us on City Council because she shares our values and passion for sustainability and equity. Kelli translates this passion into action. She passed high performance building codes and strong sustainability measures in the 85th Street Station Area Plan. She was instrumental in implementing a heat pump program for low-income households and a tree code that balances density and expansion of our tree canopy. We are happy to endorse Kelli in her re-election bid and look forward to working with her to make Kirkland a healthy place to live for all residents."

Mark and Susan Vossler Health Professionals, Environmental Advocates


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