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People for Kelli

Thank you to the following people and organizations for endorsing Kelli's 2023 Kirkland City Council re-election campaign! Please note that any affiliations listed next to names below are for identification purposes only and are not intended to suggest an endorsement by the organization(s). 


Organizational Endorsements



Candidate of Distinction

Elected Officials 

Suzan DelBene, United States Congresswoman

Patty Kuderer, 48th District Washington State Senator

Vandana Slatter, 48th District Washington State Representative, former Bellevue City Councilmember

Amy Walen, 48th District Washington State Representative, former Kirkland Mayor

Manka Dhingra, 45th District Washington State Senator

Larry Springer, 45th District Washington State Representative, former Kirkland Mayor

Roger Goodman, 45th District Washington State Representative 

Derek Stanford, 1st District Washington State Senator

Davina Duerr, 1st District Washington State Representative, former Bothell Deputy Mayor

Shelley Kloba, 1st District Washington State Representative, former Kirkland City Councilmember

Yasmin Trudeau, 27th District Washington State Senator 

Claudia Balducci, King County Council, former Bellevue Mayor

Rod Dembowski, King County Council

Sam Cho, Port of Seattle Commission President

Lynne Robinson, Bellevue Mayor 

Janice Zahn, Bellevue Councilmember

Jeremy Barksdale, Bellevue Councilmember

John Stokes, Bellevue Councilmember

Angela Birney, Redmond Mayor

Jessica Forsythe, Redmond Council President

Vanessa Kritzer, Redmond Council Vice-President 

Melissa Stuart, Redmond Councilmember

Mason Thompson, Bothell Mayor 

Amanda Dodd, Bothell Councilmember

Jenne Alderks, Bothell Councilmember

Nigel Herbig, Kenmore Mayor

Corina Pfeil, Kenmore Councilmember

Angela Kugler, Kenmore Councilmember

Wendy Weiker, Mercer Island Councilmember

Victoria Hunt, Issaquah Councilmember

Pam Stuart, Sammamish Councilmember

Katy Harris, Yarrow Point Mayor 


Community Leaders 

Angela Rozmyn, Kirkland Planning Commission Chair

Rodney Rutherford, Kirkland Planning Commission

Jory Hamilton, Kirkland Human Services Commission

Jonathan Stutz, Kirkland Human Services Commissioner

Faith DeBolt, Kirkland Transportation Commission

Lauren Hall-Stigerts, Kirkland Salary Commission

Jack Staudt, Kirkland Senior Council

Susan Harris-Huether, Kirkland Senior Council

Joan McBride, former 48th District Washington State Representative, former Kirkland Mayor

Ross Hunter, former 48th District Washington State Representative

Laura Ruderman, former 45th District Washington State Representative

Dave Russell, former Kirkland Mayor 

Matt Larson, former Snoqualmie Mayor

Tom Neir, former Kirkland Councilmember, founding member Kirkland Parks & Community Foundation

Kimberly Scott, former Kirkland Human Services Commissioner

Sally Otten, founding member Kirkland Parks & Community Foundation 

Adam White, Kirkland Parks & Community Foundation, former Kirkland Park Board & Human Services Commission Member  

Nona Ganz, Kirkland Parks Foundation, former Kirkland Councilmember

Susan Pappalando, Co-founder, Board President, Splash Forward 

Brad Weed, KirklandGreenways

Greg Gunther, Sustainability Ambassadors

Aaron Jacobsen, Liveable Kirkland

Bev Marcus, Liveable Kirkland

Kurt Dresner, Liveable Kirkland

Jennie Jaeger, Liveable Kirkland 

Sally Fouche, Indivisible Eastside

Heather Kelley, Indivisible Eastside

Tasnim Rehamani, Ismaili Community Leader

Kristin Rowe-Finkbeiner, CEO & Founder MomsRising

Scott Morris, Finn Hill Resident and Community Volunteer

Jamie Lusardo, Finn Hill Neighborhood Alliance Board Member

Mo Malakoutian, Bellevue Planning Commissioner

Angie Nuevacamina, Redmond Planning Commissioner

Mark Stuart, Lake Washington School District Board Member

Rian Watt, Executive Director of the The Urbanist


Community Members

Saghar Amini

Sherilyn Anderson & David Tan

Lynn & Carl Anselmi

Joanna Black

Colleen Clement

Eric and Gretchen Dalquist

Eric DeBolt

Kristen Dorwin

David Edwards

Terri & Keith Fujinaga 

Casey Garrow

David Geller 

Steph Klein

Kim Kurtz

Kirstin Larson

Pearl Leung

Noah McGinnis

Lorrie McKay

Margaret Meister

Katie Miller

Paul Neir

Tara Parker

William Pope

Rex Rempel

Anne Rudden & Curtis Wong

Osman Salahuddin

Lori Steiner

Brittan Stockert

Karen Tollefson

Joachum Veite

Susan & Mark Vossler

Jeff Watilo

Lindsay Welker

Paula White & David Greshler

Lindsey Yocum 

Kelli Curtis for Kirkland Council
PO Box 3343
Kirkland, WA 98083
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